What Do We Mean by "Clean"?

Hello and welcome to Freshly Made Sketches!  The main idea behind this challenge blog is to use the sketch provided and to create a "clean" card. You might wonder what we mean by clean?

According to Dictionary.com, the word Clean means:

1.  Free from dirt; unsoiled; unstained:  She bathed and put on a clean dress.

2.  Free from foreign or extraneous matter:  clean sand.

3.  Free from pollution; pure:  clean air and clean water

4.  Habitually free of dirt:  Cats are considered clean animals.

5.  Characterized by a fresh, wholesome quality:  the clean smell of pine.

We are looking for clean-lined creations but unlike Clean and Simple challenges, we encourage lots of detail and embellishments as long as they maintain a "clean" look to your card.

We like to avoid distressing, torn edges but rather we try to create with lots of "white space" and clean edges.

Any more questions?  Leave us a comment along with your email address.  We will be happy to email you.