Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Winners For Sketch 501


The Clean Team has chosen the Princesses for you this week and our hostess Kim has chosen the Queen!

The Queen of Clean: Jaimie from Stamp it up with Jaimie

I love the variety of cards in the gallery - elegant to silly, Christmas and all the fall holidays, colorful to monochrome, flowers to zombie llamas(!)  I found so much amazing inspiration in every card that I looked at. Thank you to every one who plays along and fills our gallery.  There were so many cards to choose from but I was absolutely charmed by Jaimie's card.  The image is so sweet and unique - I love her simple coloring.  And I love the way she surrounded it by fall leaves with just a few puffs of leaves on her fresh white panel.  Congrats Jaimie, you are this week's Queen of Clean!

Join us tomorrow for a new sketch by Jen Brum!


Tammy said...

Thank you! So exciting!

ElizStewart said...

Thank you so much ladies! All the cards are so fabulous... I am still laughing over Joanne's card!

Joanne James - The Crafty Owl said...

Thank you for the pick Jacquie and congratulations to Jaime and all the other princesses this week!

Melodie said...

Congratulations to Jaime and the other princesses! Thank you Jen for making me a princess! 😀

Lisa said...

Thank you so much Jen B.!

Congratulations to all the picks, what fabulous cards!

Claire said...

Thanks for the HM Amy - congrats to all, especially Jaimie...love that card!